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Friday, January 27, 2006


I ate a butterfly for breakfast. Half a butterfly, actually, plus assorted other flaky things. I'm in San Francisco, and that's what I do when I'm here.

What the Chinese call "butterflies", the French call "palmieres". (Since I don't speak French - or write it either - that may not be the way it's spelled. But it's the way I chose so if you don't like it, all I can say is "omlette du fromage".)

The Missus is 2nd generation SF Cantonese, assembled in America from Chinese components, and when we go back to the Bay Area to visit it's usually a gorge-fest of Chinese food. This week is no exception.

I put the fat in the gung hay fat choy.

We landed at lunch time yesterday, and proceeded to get some dim sum. And some more. And some more. On the way to the SF Zoo we stopped at the Sunrise Deli for some baklava, and ate a piece as we trekked across the parking lot. We then watched the lions and tigers and penguins eat their lunch. Hey, they've got a lion with the greatest mane we've ever seen; we asked the zookeeper who's in charge of his grooming. She just said that he's fastidious. By the way, they close the gorilla exhibit an hour before the rest of the zoo, so DON'T expect to end your day enjoying the apes. Who came up with that lousy idea? If you know, and would forward this blog entry to him/her (that numbskull/numbskulless) I'd appreciate it.

Last night Uncle Frank joined us at Colette's mom and dad's. We were also joined by 2 crabs, who gave their lives for our stomachs. They were glad to do it - we didn't hear either one complain.

This morning it was the butterflies and other pastries before we caught the train down to Chinatown. There we bought various ethnocentric snack goods, a bean cake, and a melon-filled mooncake before stopping in for beef with black bean chow fun. Mmmmmmmm.

The one disappointment of the day didn't involve food. I stopped by Real Guitars, a San Fran landmark, to check out their stuff. They seem to be having a down month, as there were no guitars and only one amp I had gearlust for. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow we'll go to another shop I know - after breakfast, a mid-morning snack in Glen Park, lunch with the extended family, and maybe a cup of coffee somewhere along the way.



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